Falconry is as ancient as time itself. The true origins are still being debated but research indicate that it had its origins in Asia. The art of falconry is “new” in South Africa in comparison to its global time line. The Boland Falconry Club, although young, have excellent collective skills. These skills are constantly transferred among members¬† building an effective and efficient skills base. The raptors flown are longwings, shortwings, hybrids and hawks.


As falconry in reality more of an art than a sport. The Boland Falconry Club at all times through its activities create an awareness on the importance of raptors in nature, creating an awareness through eco-education.

raptor conservation

Being a falconry club involved with raptors, we through our activities are often approached by individuals, the public at large, veterinarians and animal welfare groups to assist with injured, sick or nestlings brought in. Through our members we then take in these raptors have them examined. Where possible these raptors are cared for, rehabilitated and released back into the wild.