Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Within the South African context

Depending on where you stay, the best option is to search on any web browser for a local falconry club in the your province. If not contact your local wildlife and nature conservation office which will refer you to the nearest falconry club.

In South Africa falconry is regulated by a grading system, meaning you are enrolled as an apprentice and are continuously evaluated throughout your development

 Falconry is a way of life. Although this sounds noble, the dedication required, taking our modern way of life into account, means that  a crucial evaluation of one’s lifestyle is required to determine if falconry is for you. The best best advice is to first join a falconry club as a Supporter Member, which means you could participate in club activities, without having the responsibility of having a raptor to care for. In falconry the primary concern is the welfare and care of the raptors.

To be honest, yes. The costs involved is not only the financial cost, but the cost of time and attendance meaning the  sacrifice of family and holiday time as the care and welfare of raptors takes 24/7, 365 days a year. And truly this is just the beginning……


In a nutshell, falconry in South Africa is self-regulated, meaning that a falconry club manages itself and its activities through a approved statues like a constitution, rules and regulations and a disciplinary code. This being said means that falconry clubs  and their statues are approved by the provincial wildlife conservation authorities of a province. All provincial falconry clubs are members of the South African Falconry Association (SAFA) which represents South African falconry internationally.

Click on this Membership link to view the membership options.

The BFC Membership & Mentoring is structured on the basis that falconry training can be provided,  if at the time of your application a mentor is free and available to take you under his wing.

To be practical in addition to a mentor being available, it must be within a reasonable distance from your location.

If a mentor is not available in your area or no mentor is available to take on apprentices, we cannot register you immediately as an apprentice, but only accommodate you for the time being as a supporter member.

If you however wish to get involved with raptors we partner with  Eagle Encounters at Spier in Stellenbosch. You could join the BFC as a supporter member,  approach Eagle Encounters to work as a volunteer.

Although this exposure is not part of the official apprentice program you will gain first hand experience of the responsibility of  raptor care.

For more information on Eagle Encounters visit